Monday, July 29, 2013

5 Unique Children's Books

I recall so many classic books from my childhood. Books such as Dr. Seuss, the Polar Express, the Story of Ferdinand, and Goodnight Moon bring back beautiful nighttime reading memories. I am thankful my parents thought to save many of these books and that I have them to pass down to my little girl.

Here are 5 unique and relatively new books {with one 1963 exception} to the children's market, all of which are beautifully designed. I hope to add some of these to my book collection for the little lady! 

I love My Daddy
by Sebastien Braun
Simple and sweet, the title says it all. 

Paul Thurlby's Alphabet
by Paul Thurlby
A fantastically unique ABC book with amazing drawings. 

A Zeal of Zebra's: An Alphabet of Collective Nouns 
by Woop Studios
Another visually stimulating ABC book. I love the high contrast colors. 

Paul Thurlby's Wildlife 
by Paul Thurlby
Teach your child about wildlife with these incredible sketches. 

A Long Piece of String 
by William Wondriska
Originally published in 1963, it is simple, unique, and entertaining to follow a long piece of string. 

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