Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DIY Baskets from Moving Boxes {for the Nursery}

I debated whether to call these "baskets" or "boxes". Originally I set out to purchase baskets for all of the built-in shelves in the nursery closet. After endless searching and frustration I decided to put all of our recently used moving boxes to good use.

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Luckily for me, most of these were completed before going on {modified} bed rest. I have since found you can wrap a box in under 15 mins which is within my allowed "up" time.


Moving boxes {new, old, recycled take your pick! choose a size based on your shelving space. I used 16 x 12 x 12}

Mod Podge {or your glue of choice, you could probably alter this project and use tape}

Paint brush

Wrapping paper {I found mine at Homegoods. I think the higher quality/thicker paper works better but you can use any type of paper}


Basically you are wrapping the outside of the box! 

Note: My lower shelves are only 12" high, so I took an x-acto knife to the top and took off ~2 inches before wrapping the boxes. These pictures are from the boxes on the top shelf and have not been cut. 


1. Prepare your surface to work with your glue of choice. 
{I had already completed this project and knew how easy it was to clean Mod Podge off my kitchen table, however you may not feel as comfortable crafting on your kitchen table as I do.} 

2. Measure and cut your wrapping paper to fit 2 sides of the box with an extra inch all around. 
*I will admit, you could do the entire box with 1 long sheet of paper, however I would have wasted a lot of wrapping paper with this method given the dimensions I was working with. 

3. Apply glue to the edge, wrap, press down. 
{I found applying glue only to the corners works best. No need to lather up the entire box.}

4. Turn the box around and apply glue to the other end. 
Pull tightly to wrap it around the box and press down the edge. 

5. To glue down the top and bottom pre-fold the edges.

6. Then apply glue to paper and press down. 

Now we will repeat on the other 2 sides. 

7. Line up your straight edge with the box for a clean finish. Apply glue and press. 
Make sure your box is straight so that when you wrap the paper around
you have 1 inch hangover at the top and bottom of the box! 

8. Repeat the wrapping process and fold the corner of the paper around the last edge. 
That way you know where to fold your excess paper. 
9. Apply glue to edge of folded paper, wrap around box, and press to finish. 

10. Repeat the same process from steps 5 and 6 to finish gluing the 1" at the top and bottom of the box.

11. Allow to dry.

All finished! 

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I'm really pleased with how these turned out. They fit my space perfectly and allow me to organize all of the baby gear we are acquiring. Since we don't have a dresser in the nursery, they also double as drawers for all those baby clothes!


  1. Hi there! I wanted to stop by and thank you for your amazing DIY basket tutorial. Hope you don't mind but I had to feature you in my collection of DIY Baskets Blog Post. Thanks for sharing your inspiring creativity with us! Hope you have an inspiring day! Thanks! Lil Miss Katie's =)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the DIY Basket Blog Post. I appreciate you sharing it on your blog!


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