Monday, July 15, 2013

Tips for surviving the beginning of bed rest

  • Change out of your pajamas every morning. Even if it's to put on workout clothes that can get covered in dog hair while you snuggle with your pup all day. Put on makeup some mornings if you can/are allowed to be up just to feel a little bit normal. 
  • Positioning is key {as a PT who works in the hospital I know more about this than you probably want to know}. Basics in side lying: pillow under head, between legs AND ankles, and between your arms if you're not using them. Make sure you have enough support, change sides frequently, and even change sofas once a day if you have the option/are allowed to by your healthcare providers. 
  • Have company over. Don't stress that you can't be a host. Let your friends and family know what is going on. They will want to come over to support you and it makes the day go faster to have people around to socialize. {Super huge thanks to all the friends and family who have come to keep me entertained...y'all are amazing!}
  • Find a way to channel your time, something you can look forward to doing each day. My solution = this blog and researching all things baby, however you could start watching a new TV show or read an entire book series. Find something ongoing that will keep you occupied. If you're on bed rest for a long time like me then you'll probably have time to do a variety of these. 
  • Hydrate! I keep my 52 oz bubba keg water bottle next to me at all times. That way my water is always cold and I don't have to get up frequently for refills. {One irony - "you're on bed rest so don't get up too much...however you need drink even more than before so you have to go the bathroom even more...which means getting up more...what??? I guess I should be thankful that my bed rest situation allows me to get up to use the restroom. Not everyone is that lucky!}
  • Talk to your OB or CNM (certified nurse midwife) about preventing health problems like blood clots, constipation, all those fun things you never thought about before. {My routine involves circulation exercises and compression socks. Before addressing this issue on your own ask your healthcare provider about options related to your circumstances as everyone's bed rest restrictions are unique.}
  • Spend time bonding with baby. If you are far enough along enjoy counting kicks or reading to the little one {look for upcoming post on the research on reading to baby in utero}. 
  • Borrow an iPad. Easier to use in side lying than your computer. If you've found a way to rig up your computer sideways please let me know. 
  • Put on your tennis shoes. Okay, not every day, but sometimes. Just to give some love to your feet and to feel normal. Last week I think I managed to only wear shoes once. Weird. 
This list is just the beginning. I'm sure I will have more more suggestions to add as the weeks pass. 

Since I'm not counting {yeah right} today is:

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