Friday, July 26, 2013

How we are {or not} preparing our dog for the new baby

We really loved bringing home our "first" little girl.

And there are all sorts of opinions and articles out there about 
"how to prepare your dog for baby". 

You mean using your dog to tell your husband "We're pregnant!" 
is not establishing baby-dog boundaries? 

We have not taken a very serious approach on this subject, however we have exposed Penny to multiple babies.

Of which, thankfully, they all have dogs and their parents do not care that 
our dog apparently loves to kiss babies.

There is no other way to put it - Penny LOVES babies...and toddlers. She even tolerated being accidentally choked during a big hug from our dear cousin's daughter - she didn't react or get upset.
She wants to be as close to babies and kids as possible. She even snuggled up with another relative while she was breastfeeding and Penny played the role of "breastfeeding pillow".

We are really not too worried about her liking the baby or being jealous. She's the type of dog who will throw herself in the middle and become part of the action.

To help include her in the baby's new world we purchased a dog bed for the nursery. In almost every room in the house she has a "spot" where she goes while we are busy in each room. We figured it was probably good to establish a spot in the baby's room as well {she also earned a dog bed when she kept trying to create her own spot by nesting in the rug - I'm sick of adjusting the rug every day}.

She really is the best sofa cuddle buddy. I am so thankful for my pup! 

Most experts recommend spending more defined time with your dog so that they understand you can't just hang out with them all day like before the baby. 

I guess those experts didn't have mamas on bed rest. 

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