Monday, July 22, 2013

Ways to bless expectant moms on bed rest

You could title this post "ways to bless a sofa mama" or "ways this sofa mama has been blessed". I want this post to be a big THANK YOU! to all of the amazing people who have supported us and to help others think of ways they can bless expectant moms who may be on bed rest for a period of time. 

Here are some of the ways people have blessed me the past 3+ weeks:

Bringing flowers - It's fabulous to look up and see fresh flowers to brighten my day. 

Giving me access to their online viewing subscription - last night I hit a boredom wall after finishing a really good novel {War Brides by Helen Bryan - a novel following five women in WWII Brittain} and needed a good distraction. I watched the first episode of mini-series from 2002 called The Forsyte Saga. A semi-Downton Abbey substitute till season 4 is out, except I can probably finish the mini-series in a week.

Lending books - One friend brought me Kisses from Katie and this is next in line to read tomorrow while I wait for my routine 1-hour gestational diabetes test. 

Visit - I know I mention this over and over, but having visitors makes me so happy! At the hospital I am accustomed to interacting with people all day and it can feel very isolating at home.

Cooking/bringing a meal or dessert {or both!} - We have had multiple people make sure we are eating well and we are so thankful for that! Also, my husband is pretty much awesome and has been cooking our meals. He's made homemade fettucini alfredo, jambalaya, pizza, tacos, and he has been grilling.

House cleaning {especially if you know they have company coming into town!} - several family members came over and generously made sure our house was in shape for our weekend visitors. 

Thoughtful texts/phone calls/packages - So many people have remembered the day of the next OB appointment and followed up by inquiring how things are going. It really means a lot to know people are praying and thinking about our baby girl. I've also received some sweet gifts for me and baby girl from out of town family and friends which were very thoughtful. 

We continue to feel all of these blessings and sincerely thank everyone who has been supporting us through this journey. 

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