Sunday, July 14, 2013

What is {modified} bed rest?

Technically, {modified} bed rest is different for every woman based on their OB or CNM's (certified nurse wife) recommendation. Here is what it means for me:
  • The majority of my day is spent in side lying (position which relieves the most pressure)
  • Limited time allowed on my back, however discouraged due to the possibility of decreasing blood flow to the placenta.
  • 10-15 mins at a time of sitting up or moving around the house.
Luckily, this means I can get up, go to the bathroom, grab a snack, refill my water, open the back door for the dog, all without bothering my husband. At my last appointment I also received permission to drive myself to my appointments which is about 10-15 mins {as long as I'm not dizzy} and to slowly increase the number of times I am up during the day, as long as I'm not having any "symptoms". Ultimately, I'm still mostly bound to my sofa on my side for the vast majority of the day!

My midwife has determined that I will be on {modified} bed rest till the beginning of week 36. In other is day 19 of 91! Or, today is week 2.5 of 13. Either way, I still have 101 days till my due date. For some reason the 19 of 91 days of bed rest seems shorter to me, and as every day that my baby girl stays cookin' is a blessing, I think I'll count by days. 

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  1. Perspective :) It's a good thing you have a good one here! Yep, you just keep that baby a'cookin' and **try** to enjoy the rest. It will probably make you appreciate the chaos of a newborn :)


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