Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY Bird Mobile

There were many inspirations for this mobile - a cute {but ridiculously tiny} mobile I saw while vacationing in NYC during my early pregnancy and multiple options on Pinterest. Ultimately, I came up with a blend that was my own. I did find one tutorial that I followed pretty closely, however all my modifications are listed below. Enjoy! 

  • Random assortment of fabric {try Etsy or fat quarters from your local fabric store - use bright contrasting colors to make it easier for baby to see}
  • Thread to coordinate with your fabric {I just used white}
  • Clear thread
  • Sewing Machine
  • PolyFill
  • Pins & Scissors 
  • Tweezers and/or skinny pen {to help you turn the birds right-side out} 
  • Branch {for hanging the birds} 
  • Bird Pattern
  • Bird Mobile Tutorial
I followed this Bird Mobile Tutorial with the following modifications:

Before Starting:
I chose to decrease the size of my birds and to do so you need to print the Bird Pattern at 70% of its normal size. To do this go to "file" and select "print" and there should be an option labeled "scale". Change that value from 100% to 70% or 80% if you want smaller birds. I would not recommend going below 70% as these baby birds were much harder to turn inside-out after sewing. Have a skinny pen and/or tweezers around to help you turn the birds right-side out.


I chose not to hand sew this little birdies as that would take way too much time. Instead I used white thread and ran my sewing machine around their edges. For the tail I performed a top stitch to close the bird at the end after they had been turned and stuffed with PolyFill. 

Hanging the birds:

Instead of doing multiple branches as the tutorial shows, I used a manzanita branch {which can be found online and at places like Homegoods} and clear thread. To suspend the branch from the ceiling I also used the same clear thread. 

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