Saturday, August 10, 2013

Realities of {modified} bed rest

I am officially halfway done with {modified} bed rest! What seemed like a daunting task over 6 weeks ago now has become routine and familiar. I first must say that I am one of the lucky ones who is not on complete bed rest. Being able to increase my out of bed time the past few weeks has greatly helped my mentality. Even though I am successfully getting up for about an hour at a time during the day, I still spend many more hours on my trusty sofa.  

Here are a few realities that I have come to face about {modified} bed rest: 

The weekends are the worst {until college football returns}. 
Before bed rest I would look forward to the weekend because of the change of pace. Now, Saturday is now just like any other day. A struggle to stay mentally fit and occupied.

TV is boring.
I only watch 1-3 hours a day AT MOST and I'm still sick of it. Usually most of that is hanging out with my husband at night - I'm a pretty boring date these days. 

The internet is just "okay".
Now that I have all the time in the world to surf on the net, very few things seem that interesting {at least for more than a few hours a day}. Blogging/reading blogs or looking at Pintrest for new "quick craft" ideas  is what I do most of the time when on the web.

Just "being" can be mentally refreshing. 
I'm learning that it's okay to just lie here, let your thoughts run, or not think at all. I don't have to be "productive" 100% of the time.

It's okay to take on grandmother-like habits such as crocheting.
And to start a project over 3 times because you are determined to conquer it and have all the time in the world to figure it out.

Dogs really are a {wo}man's best friend. 
No explanation needed. 

Here's to 6.5 more weeks of {modified} bed rest! 

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