Saturday, September 28, 2013

Cinnamon Bread - Quick, Easy, and Delicious

I should have made the full recipe. Let me explain.

My track record making homemade bread is very mixed. These cinnamon rolls from The Pioneer Woman were amazing, however I had a "pinterest fail" lately with some homemade garlic bread. 

When I stumbled across this cinnamon bread recipe {they call it "The Amazing Amish Cinnamon Bread Alternative"} I was a little hesitant, however it looked so easy and quick that I decided to give it a try. Given my recent failure I only made half a recipe {1 loaf} and I'm happy to say that's the only mistake I made {we polished it off in 3 days}. It was delicious {especially warm out of the oven}! 

Check out the recipe here from Redfly Creations

Have no regrets and make the full recipe. 

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