Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nesting on {Modified} Bed Rest

If I was on complete bed rest I'm pretty sure I would have gone crazy with the inability to satisfy my nesting urge. The poor husband would probably have the "honey-do" list of the century. Having limited time to be up and nesting has been interesting. Here are some of the results:

  • Purchasing a stroller based purely on online reviews without putting a hand on it first {eek scary!}. Then realizing how much of a pain your stroller is with your car seat brand and buying a second stroller {again, without testing it out} to replace the first. And finally, using Craigslist to sell the first stroller. Oh stroller drama. The new one should be here tomorrow - hoping this one is a go! 
  • The nursery took MONTHS to be really "complete". {The final piece, the changing pad, came yesterday.} Officially DONE. Now I need to get some pictures. 
  • Making the most of running short errands by 1) not doing them all the time, 2) creating lists and making sure they are complete but not too long in order to get the errands done in the appropriate amount of time, and 3) realizing that I will be sending my mom shopping for things we need after she arrives and accepting "that's okay". 
  • Giving up on cleaning the house from top to bottom. Too much physical labor even after getting off {modified} bed rest. I'm really out of shape. And pretty sure it might start my contractions again. 
  • Getting in the habit of emptying the dishwasher/drying rack in the kitchen in the morning so the kitchen can stay clean all day. It takes 5 minutes and somehow contributes to my sanity. Having the kitchen piled up has been one of my pet peeves on bed rest. 
  • Ask for help. I just couldn't do it all. And that was okay :) 
Here's to one small step at a time...

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