Thursday, September 12, 2013

She's NOT coming...yet!

In a follow up to yesterday's post, the good news is...
My fetal fibronectin test was negative {thankfully} and that pretty much guarantees {99.2%} that she will not arrive within the next two weeks. Hooray! We should make it off {modified} bed rest and at least till 36 weeks. 

Last night was interesting waiting around for the call on the test results. I did start packing a small hospital bag just in case as we were told if it was positive and I was still having the discomfort/random pain I would have to go to labor & delivery. Thankfully, I had been planning on doing this before returning to work and already had a list of things needed started. Once we got the call, we celebrated by having an at home date night of the newly released Star Trek Movie accompanied by freshly cooked brownies & ice cream. Yum - one of my favorite dessert combos. 

Since I'm a healthcare professional and therefore prone to over share/not realize how weird it is to share personal medical information I'm consciously going to avoid giving a ton of detailed medical updates. However, I will say that I'm also celebrating because it feels like some form of accomplishment that I already have 1 cm down and out of the way. Less to do later! 

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