Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tips for Surviving {Modified} Bed Rest #1

I only have 3 Tuesdays left on {modified} bed rest! Early on I wrote about tips for surviving bed rest, but I want to now reflect back on that advice and add some more as I near the end of this sofa time. Each Tuesday I will be posting a new tip. Here is the first!

One of the hardest parts about bed rest is overcoming the mental monotony. My first tip helps break up those boring days, but may not be what you expect. 

#1 - Establish some form of daily schedule
You're probably thinking...what??? Didn't you just say that the worst part is monotony? Yes! But having some form of daily schedule really makes the day go by. It's when you have no clue what you want to accomplish that day that you end up wandering through the internet bored. 

Here's what my daily schedule roughly looks like:
*Remember this pertains to MY bed rest restrictions and may not be appropriate for yours! Ask you healthcare provider what is appropriate for you.*

7-9: Wake Up {it varies a lot daily, and if you've been keeping up with my sleep reports then you know why}
8-9: Breakfast and Bible Reading
9-11: Blogging, planning the day/setting priorities. Making phone calls if needed. I try to stay down on the sofa in the morning so that at 11 I can...
11-12:30: Take the dog to the pool where I can lie down and she gets all her daily exercise needs *more on this next week in Tip #2*
12:30-1: Lunch
1-3: Lying down time {again}. I will rotate what I do during this time but typically it is watching a show, reading baby stuff, researching products, or doing more blogging. 
3-4:30: Housework or crafting. Once I was given permission to be up for 1-2 hours at a time {if symptom free} I started using the late afternoons to work on the nursery, complete DIY projects, etc. 
4:30-6: Lie down again, rest before dinner. A lot of time this is when I'll do my mindless internet time.
6-7: Dinner time!
After 7: Hang out with the hubby, usually watching TV so I can be horizontal again {and beg for foot massages for these restless feet}. 
Sometime between 10-12: Bedtime. 

Occasionally, I will run errands, but hubby is doing most of that for me. If I do need to be present to pick something out {like buying a few nursing tanks last week} then I will re-arrange my schedule a bit and likely have to choose between DIY/housework and errands. 

I will say that being forced into small amount of vertical time followed by periods of horizontal time is definitely preparing me for the realities of a baby's schedule. I've learned how to get a lot done in a short amount of time and how to organize my schedule so that priorities are accomplished. I imagine this practice will come in handy once we start working the little lady's schedule into our daily lives! 

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