Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tips for Surviving {Modified} Bed Rest #2

As my time on {modified} bed rest comes to a close, I am completing a mini-series with reflections and tips of the past 13 weeks. These posts are intended to be an opportunity for me to share my experience and are in no way medical advice. Please remember this pertains to MY bed rest restrictions and may not be appropriate for yours. Ask you healthcare provider what is appropriate for you.

Be sure to check out tip #1 and tip #3 if you missed them!

#2 Take advantage of what you are allowed to do
The first few weeks of {modified} bed rest were difficult, but they actually went by pretty fast. I had visitors, time to catch up on a lot of reading and shows I had been wanting to watch, etc. 

I think the 3rd and 4th weeks were the worst. I still had visitors {which was vital in keeping me sane} but it became harder to find things to fill my day when you are only allowed to be up for 15 minutes at a time. Sometime near the end of 3-4 weeks {I can't remember exactly} I did receive permission to drive 10-15 minutes by myself {VICTORY!}. This restriction still applies to me today. However, thanks to having family {with a pool!} who live less than 15 minutes away, I was able to find a retreat away from home where I could lie down. Mental sanity restored and dog's daily exercise routine resumed. 

If you are allowed to drive or be vertical then get creative about where you can go and what you can do. Especially consider finding some form of outdoor haven if the weather is appropriate. A little fresh air is super refreshing when you spend so much time indoors on the sofa. For me, finding a place I could drive to and then lie down again was huge!

Finally, after 7 weeks of {modified} bed rest, I was allowed to increase my vertical time to 1-2 hours if symptom free. This opened up a lot more activity possibilities as I could now sit at my sewing machine, work on finishing the nursery, help cook dinner, you name it. Since that time the mental monotony that comes with bed rest has dramatically improved. 

In the end, for me the key was to take advantage of what I was allowed to do on bed rest in order to pass the time. 

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