Friday, October 4, 2013

The Phases of Waiting During Pregnancy

When you first try to get pregnant the wait feels extremely long and drawn out, even if you don't have to wait long. I don't think anyone would say their experience was "quick, easy, and stress-free". You obsess over all the possible pregnancy symptoms, try not to guess every other second whether you ARE (+) or ARE NOT (-) pregnant, and feel like you're bursting inside when you finally find out you are pregnant and decide to wait till a later date to tell family and friends. What no one tells you is that this is just the beginning of the "waiting".

Once you get pregnant you realize that 9 months sounds {and feels like} a long time to wait to meet your unborn child. Forget the fact that the baby is're just have to wait

If you get placed on bed rest {ahem me} then your waiting changes even more. You are faced with the time to think about all this waiting. How you channel your energy and cope with this mental challenge can have a profound effect on your every day reality. 


Now I'm in the next phase of waiting. Waiting for labor to start and this baby to be born. This is an exciting, semi-nerve wrecking, read-into-every-symptom kind of time. I have many reasons to believe she is coming soon {contractions, internal body changes, etc} however she's still cookin'. After all this bed rest it would be funny if she was "overdue". 

Here's to waiting. For life to change...for the better.

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