Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Baby Update and DIY Recap

Little Lady ALMOST appeared on Saturday night. Around 5 PM I started having contractions that were 5 minutes apart. By 8 PM they were 3-5 minutes apart and the Midwives wanted me to come into the hospital given my medical history of being on {modified} bed rest and the fact that I'm already dilated. After having contractions 3-5 minutes apart for 4 MORE hours at the hospital we really thought things would progress and we would have a baby...but no...she changed her mind {or as my husband reminds me, my body changed its mind}! My contractions started to space out to 5-7 minutes and didn't increase in intensity. Nevertheless, our trip to the hospital was eventful and I'm sure I'm now the talk of the labor and delivery wing. During my time there I managed to severely cut myself on my razor when reaching into my toiletries bag AND pop my crown off my tooth. However, I did NOT have a baby. Only me...

I think Little Lady must know that the longer she stays cookin' the more toys this mama will make her. This weekend I've been keeping myself mentally occupied by making all sorts of items for her. Here is a recap:

I've been reading a lot about the Montessori Infant Mobile series. Montessori thought has a series of specific mobiles to introduce to your infant in a set order to develop concentration and focus. From a physical therapy perspective I like this idea. The mobiles will provide the visual stimulation needed to promote tracking objects and eventually initiate reaching activities. While you can purchase the series of mobiles from various online stores, or find DIYs, I chose to implement similar concepts with objects I already had around the house {aka on the cheap}. 
1: Infant Visual Stimulation Mobile 
{reversible - the side you see here is for later on, initially you only use the black and white side} 
2: Large Plastic Beads Mobile 
{exploration of light and reflection}
3: Painted Coral Mobile
{exploration of color} 
One aspect of using Montessori mobiles is rotating them every few weeks to promote exploration, development, and to maintain interest. I need to make a few more that she can interact with, such as a bell on a string or a ring hanging from elastic. I have some time since she won't be physically capable of pulling on any of the mobiles for a little while.  At least for the infant stage I have a variety of visually entertaining mobiles in my collection. 

4: Montessori Puzzle Ball
5: Soft Blocks
6: Small Crochet Ball Rattle {not pictured}

I'm working on DIYs for these projects so check back for them in the future! 

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