Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quick Updates

Learning to be a mama has taken up a significant amount of time! I'm so sorry for not posting any updates in 3 weeks. This post will be random and probably contain plenty of typos {I'll rely on my editor aka mom to inform me of them later...} thanks to my exhausted brain. 

First let me say THANK YOU to those of you who sent me messages and encouragement. I really appreciate those who checked in and encouraged me to continue blogging. 

I want to write about so many details of the last 3 weeks but let's start with a snapshot...

Labor: In 2 words INTENSE and QUICK. My midwife had warned me if I was dilated a certain amount without regular contractions that she would induce me for fear of not making it to the hospital if I went into labor at home. I'm glad she made that decision and that I listened to her! I was induced by having my water broken and 2.5 hours later I was holding Little Lady {how I will continue to refer to her on this blog}. No time for epidurals, IVs, or really anything. Things ramped up quickly and ended quickly. Like I said...INTENSE

Little Lady: Was the perfect little sleepy babe for 2 weeks, and now has decided to take on a morning and afternoon witching hour. Getting her to nap at all after eating is quite tricky {hence the lack of blogging}. I hear sleep begets sleep so we are really trying to work hard on more sleep {for everyone}. 

Baby Blues: They are FOR REAL. Why did no one tell me about this before giving birth? Thankfully right at the 2 week mark I started feeling significantly better. 

And after all of this...I love her so much. I am so thankful she is here, on time, beautiful, and healthy. More to come as I figure out how to balance my new life! 

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