Monday, November 25, 2013

Vintage Items

Can I call items from my childhood vintage? Perhaps...

Either way, after reading my post about growth charts I got a frantic text from my mom,

"Don't buy a growth chart! Little Lady is getting yours for Christmas!"


My mom has already sweetly surrendered other memories from my childhood as well. 

This beautiful framed embroidery made by my grandmother

{Is this not sweet? The first few weeks I would stare at those words while nursing and cry...because I was so overwhelmed that I felt like I wasn't enjoying having my baby in my arms. Now I look at it sweetly with remembrance to enjoy each moment...and that the dishes can wait.} 

And the family bassinet 
{which she so lovingly replaced the mattress to meet current safety standards AND tested the paint for lead...dedication to this girl's safety!}

And several favorite clothes and stuffed animals. 

It is so special to be able to pass these items along to Little Lady.

Thanks, Mom! 

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