Monday, December 2, 2013

Celebrating Advent

Yesterday was the first day of Advent…and I guess I had an "Advent Fail" {see more below}.

As a child I have great memories of the Advent season. Celebrating the Moravian Feast, lighting the Moravian Advent wreath, completing my mother's "velcro ornaments on the Christmas tree" Advent calendar, and even putting on a production of the Christmas story with my cousins using a wrapping paper roll as our megaphone on the balcony of my parent's stairs. 

Now that I have a child {albeit a very small one who won't remember this Christmas} I have a strong desire to start some Christmas and Advent traditions. As a family, hubby and I have never bought a live tree. Due to lack of space we have utilized my 1.5 ft American Girl doll Christmas tree the past 4 years. That has pretty much been the extent of our holiday cheer. 

With all these thoughts swirling in my head I ran across this blog entry from one of my favorite bloggers, Trouble Face Mom {be sure to click on the link and check out the ENTIRE post, and just her entire blog in general}. Here is a snippet of her thoughts on her "Advent Fail" yesterday. 
"I was kind of half-heartedly apologizing to God for failing at Advent this year, because to look at my Facebook news feed you’d think everybody is just kicking ass at being full of awe and wonder and the miracle of the season. And here I am, all missing the boat and not feeling like we were ready in time.
Then God reminded me of something.
Nobody was prepared for Jesus.
Mary wasn’t planning to be a pregnant virgin.
Joseph wasn’t willing to marry her.
The city of Bethlehem was too busy with the census to notice them arrive.
The inn was full.
Jesus was born in a barn.
The shepherds were startled.
The wise men were late.
Herod wanted the child dead.
They were off to a great start, the whole lot of them.
And the angels were singing anyway.
 I’m not prepared for Jesus. He messes up my plans and changes my will. I’m busy, my plate is full, other people might be startled if only they knew about Jesus in my life, I am slow, and because of me, He ended up dead.
Maybe you are like me.
Maybe like me, despite all the things we’re getting wrong, there is still room somewhere for Jesus to show up. Maybe there’s a barn shaped place in our lives where He can be born.
Maybe this year, we can get it right. Maybe this year, we can sing with the angels because this Jesus baby is still a miracle."
Source: Trouble Face Mom, "Advent Fail"  {emphasis mine} 

Speak it sister. What a beautiful reminder.

So even though we don't have to get it right this season with the perfect Advent tradition, here are a few resources on the web to add to your daily Christmas devotion. 

{Free Download} Bible Verses and Readings from the Jesus Storybook Bible from FaithGateway
{If you don't own this children's bible it would be a fabulous Christmas gift for your kids!}

{Free} Advent E-book/App Devotional from John Piper and Desiring God {ok this one is for adults but I'm sure some of you are creative and could find a way to share it with your children}

An Alternative to Elf on the Shelf: Kindness Elves from The Imagination Tree

I would love to hear about your Christmas and Advent traditions! 

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