Thursday, January 16, 2014

3 Month Little Lady Update

So...after being consistent at providing weekly updates during bed rest I think it's safe to admit I've slacked off a bit. It it's one thing I've learned as a new mom it's that you can't beat yourself up over the small things so I *might* eventually go back and post 1 and 2 month updates but for now at least here is a 3 month update.

Here's what Little Lady has been up to the last month:

Continued sleeping through the night in her crib. {She has slept in her crib from night one. I am too light of a sleeper to have it any other way. It's called saving Mommy's sanity.} If I had written a 2 month update then you would know that she started sleeping through the night {last feeding around 7:30 PM...sleeping till 7:30 AM} at 7.5 weeks. Seriously, she's a sleeping superstar {at least at night}. At first I did not expect it to last, especially since she jumped from 6 hours between feedings to 8, then to 11, all in less than 4 days. However, praise Jesus, she loves to sleep and has continued ever since! 

Generally she is good to go down on her own for her morning nap {in the rock n' play}, however many other naps are either spent in the car seat while doing errands, or on my shoulder if I'm feeling particularly snuggly. I'm a little afraid when she goes to daycare this could be a problem. She definitely tells you if she's tired {starts fussing} but if you don't hit her window in time and get her down she will stay up and be a little fussy. *Celebrated Christmas over a 3 week timeframe. She was an awesome traveler! Did not mess up her sleep pattern at all. 

Wearing 0-3 onesies but 3-9 month old pants {oh I love chunky baby bellies}. She definitely cannot squeeze into anything NB even if I wanted her to. 

Thickening up and getting longer and more blond. She has the awesome little baby bald spot on the back of her head because she turns her head left to right all night long. Such a wiggle worm. The other morning I woke up to find she performed a complete 180* turn in her sleep. 

She is babbling up a storm. She really likes talking to some of her toys, in addition to people, especially her "star" on her $2 play mat her cousin found for her at a yard sale

She started swiping at toys, and is now reaching and playing with them! She also started bringing them to her mouth to chew. This really is exciting. I love watching her interact with her environment. 

I've set up a baby play station so she can participate in self-exploration of her toys safely while I get things done. I love our basic Graco Pack 'n Play. It has the bassinet so that I can keep her within easy sight, as well an arch that allows me to hang toys for her to reach. 

{also check out my post on infant visual stimulation which explains why I picked some of these toys} 
Wimmer Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go 
{I know it says this is not suppose to be an interactive toy, but I am supervising her and allow her to bat it in circles. It's so much fun to watch. However, do so at your own risk as it says the parts are a choking hazard.} 
Manhattan Toy Wimmer Ferguson Sights and Sounds Travel Toy 
{She loves grasping the rings and making the rattle sound}
Wimmer Ferguson Double Sided 3-in-1 Triangle Play Mat 
{This one has recently started ending up in her mouth a lot.}
Manhattan Toy Winkel
{Easy to hold, she is also getting this one to her mouth.}
Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Toy, Firefly 
{Loves having this on her car seat. She loves playing with the crinkle wings.}

Rolled to her side. She's only done it twice but it makes me excited.
Picking her legs up off the surface in attempt to clear her bottom. I'm betting she'll be grabbing those toes soon.
Weight shifting in prone in attempt to move her arms while she's on her belly. This is emerging but it is fun to see her try to make prone a functional position. 
She has been smiling since very early on but she is now smiling...all...the...time. Love it. 
Grasping toys with both hands and bringing them to her mouth. 
Holding head in line with body when pulled to sit.
Holding her head steady and moving it side to side in supported sitting. 
Bearing some weight on her legs. 
Holding her head up 90* when prone (on her belly). 

Celebrated Christmas for 3 weekends and was an awesome traveler. Had no trouble sleeping in the pack 'n play.
Continues to get puppy kisses every morning. No word yet on whether she likes or dislikes this. 
She has taken her Dr. Brown's standard bottles really well until I got sick and nursed to keep up my supply and forgot to give her a bottle for a week and half. Ugh. Now trying to re-introduce the bottle.

Mommy going back to work and Little Lady trying out daycare. This will be interesting to reflect on at the 4 month update. 

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