Friday, February 28, 2014

Baby Bubble Play and Bubble Recipe

It turned into a nice day despite a chilly morning so Little Lady and I headed to the porch for some outdoor playtime. 

Bubbles anyone? Okay, so I didn't have any just laying around. 

After searching around for the best bubble recipe and noticing pretty much everyone suggests the same combination of ingredients I whipped up a batch of bubbles 

Bubble Recipe:
1 c. water
2 TBS light corn syrup
4 TBS dishwashing soap 
(I used palmolive) 

Stir water and corn syrup together, then add the dishwashing soup slowly in order to create as few bubbles as possible. 

Little Lady loved sitting in her bumbo and watching the breeze take the bubbles. The first few times she let out the cutest laugh {and of course her signature big smile}. 

Who doesn't like a little bubble in your soft fuzzy hair? 

Caught one on her foot

The first time we played with bubbles I didn't have a bubble wand. No problem. Twist a grocery store twist-tie in a circle, twist another as a handle, and use bubble wand. 

Today we remembered that strangely my husband had some dried-up bubbles left over from a wedding in his car. Now we have a bubble wand without buying a bottle of bubbles! 

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