Friday, February 14, 2014

Baby Footprint Valentine

For this year's Valentine's Day I wanted to do something with a personal touch from Little Lady. What is more personal than to capture her foot and hand prints at this time?

My original intention was to create a card in which I could write a message. My inspiration came from this canvas print I found on Pinterest here:

So on a snowy day here in the south I stripped Little Lady down to her diaper and loaded her up in the bumbo seat in the tub. 

And painted those sweet and wiggly feet in red.

And then stamped them onto some heavy card stock.

Then I was going to attempt her hand, however she was not having it. To avoid not having to re-do the feet because we messed up the hand, I just skipped it and wrote in the "L-O-__-E"

At this point I intended to fold the card and write a sweet message to my husband inside. For some reason I couldn't bring myself to fold that sweet piece of paper. 

Voila. A photo on top and we have a mat for a frame.

I actually like that her feet don't look perfect. It reminds me how wiggly she is right now! 

Husband approved on Valentine's Day. 

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