Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend happenings

So I thought I posted this yesterday. Apparently it didn't work and I got an error message that I just saw. Oops. Here's yesterday's post!

Today is just a BEAUTIFUL day. There's no other way to describe it. After more snow and ice this winter than I've seen since high school, I'm really looking forward to spring. Today truly is spectacular (which helps make up for daylight savings time and losing an hour of sleep. Really...who ever thought that was a good idea?) 

Sadly, I had to take my dad back to the airport this afternoon. We hate to see him leave but had a fantastic weekend of food, fun, and of course spending time with Little Lady. This morning I caught a super cute video of Little Lady sitting on my dad's lap reading a book. She was so interested in trying to turn the pages (and of course wanted to nibble on them as well).

Anyone ever seen Paperchase? This may be my dad's favorite movie after Casablanca (if you know my dad then neither of those movie selections should surprise you). We watched Paperchase this weekend and it was quite entertaining (1970s law school drama). I found it amusing that Edward Hermann (the grandfather in Gilmore Girls) is soooo young in this movie. Quite a throwback. Of course my dad knew all the cases from class and gave us extra commentary to add to our amusement. 

Coming home from the airport I pulled in the driveway to find my husband standing at the front window holding Little Lasy as she reached out to pet our pup. So stinkin' cute. Melt my heart. I love my family. 

Monday is almost here. That means work and daycare prep as well as figuring out dinner. Happy Sunday evening!

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