Friday, April 4, 2014

Just a few random updates

I've seriously been slackin' on the blogging lately. Since Little Lady is snoozing {for the moment} I will throw out a few baby updates.

*Napping in her crib and sleeping on her belly at night. Seriously the girl rolls over before I can even zip up her sleep sack. 

*Sitting up by herself briefly {less than 10 seconds}

*Rolling all directions like a champ {minus preferring to go to her left side} 

*Babbling all the time

*Sitting in her high chair at mealtime {and throwing her toys off the tray}

*Still smiles at EVERYONE and EVERYTHING {seriously? how did I get such a happy baby? I apparently was a terror-child}

*Reaches for everything 

*Just started pushing up during tummy time with her arms extended

I love her joyful spirit, her energy, and her curiosity about the world and everything around her. It's so much fun to watch her learn and discover new things! 

To the hubby's dismay I still keep baby gear bargain shopping. I racked up a ton of cute summer clothes at a recent consignment sale and also found this awesome Joovy Nook High Chair in "organie" for only $30. The fold on this thing is amazing! Still deciding whether it will live at our house or Grammy's. I also scored an older model Bob Revolution SE for $80 on Craigslist. Seriously a steal I couldn't resist as I've been coveting an all-terrain stroller {yes I have a stroller problem, but we're only at a total of sister-in-law says she's up to 5+...this makes me feel better}. Little Lady loves the Bob so I'm thrilled with the purchase!

In other blog news, I'm debating on whether to post about "why I didn't buy a Medela breast pump". I feel like this might spur a little debate but I have been asked by several preggo friends about the topic so I figured I might give it a shot. Stay tuned! 

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