Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5 Things I've Learned While Making a Baby Gate

1. A split level house with a wrought iron staircase is a tricky problem. We have probably changed our strategy for the latching mechanism 5-10 times and will probably altered it several more times. 

2. My husband should be designated as the wood stainer in the family. He did a fantastic job on the countertop and shelves in our kitchen addition. My effort is significantly lacking. The result...imperfect and rustic...maybe? I should stick to painting. 

3. Projects that you think you can do in 3-4 days end up taking 3-4 weeks when you have a baby around. 

4. Always use a good brush when using Minwax PolyAcrylac {see #2}. 

5. It's best to hurry up and finish before the baby is crawling on hands and knees!

Little lady is army crawling everywhere. Wow she is fast. Today she started taking 1-2 crawling steps up on hands and knees. We need to get this baby gate done ASAP! 


I just finished the last of the PolyAcrylac coat this evening. I will try to post an updated picture tomorrow. 

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