Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Loving this quote one of my friends posted for Mother's Day:

"The most difficult part of birth is the first year afterwards. It is the year of travail - when the soul of a woman must birth the mother inside her. The emotional labour pains of becoming a mother are far greater than the physical pangs of birth; these are the growing surges of your heart as it pushes out selfishness and fear and makes room for sacrifice and love. It is a private and silent birth of the soul, but it is no less holy than the event of childbirth, perhaps it is even more sacred." - Joy Kusek 

Today is my first official Mother's Day. I was surprised by a super sweet card made by my husband {plus Little Lady and my pup} and a gift certificate for a massage. We also went out to my favorite brunch place in town. Such a delightful morning before church. 

Of course it wasn't all hallmark perfect. Little Lady woke up 30 minutes earlier and had two instances of inconsolable screaming. This has not happened since she was less than a month old and we didn't really know what to do. Ultimately, we decided she was probably having teething pain since her second tooth, bottom right, just broke through a few days ago. We gave her Tylenol and it seemed to help. 

This little girl has my heart. I'm so blessed to be her mama. Every minute on the sofa was worth it. 

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