Friday, May 9, 2014

Mama Links

I'm going to try to start a regular series of {Mama links} to get me back in the habit of positing. And by regular I have no idea what I mean. Here it goes...

I really want to read this new book on decorating..."it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" {too bad I'm in position 34! to get it from the library}. 

This free ebook on letting go is already impacting my daily approach to life. 

These Eric Carle magnets would be so cute and classy on the refrigerator or a magnet board. 

Should we be prescribing helmets for babies with plagiocephaly aka flat head syndrome?

Little Lady's favorite toys this week are her Green Toys stacker {of course she pulls it apart and flings the pieces around - no stacking yet} and her Bearington Baby Lamb that she got from her Great-Grandmaw for her half birthday. 

Little Lady update: rocking on all fours! Not even 7 months old yet...I'm in proofing tips anyone? 

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