Saturday, May 31, 2014

The baby gate is finished!

We finished the baby gate just in time...because our Little Lady started crawling on her hands and knees today! She has been army crawling everywhere for the past few weeks but she finally figured out how to string a few hands and knees steps together. 

So here is our final solution for our crazy split-level wrought-iron stairwell...

{Better photos coming soon. These were shot quickly on my iPhone.}

And the best part? It swings away to be flush with the wall on the right. 

I'm seriously stoked about this. It won't be something that we are constantly opening and closing, just more of a "we are cooking dinner and if we need to turn around for a second she won't fall down the stairs" sort of gate. I'll work on more details of our DIY baby gate solution for crazy stairwells soon. 

Have a great Saturday evening!

P.S. The post about the baby gate stain and 5 things I've learned while making a baby gate. 

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