Sunday, June 15, 2014

World Cup Thoughts

As a former competitive soccer player I am now in my happy place as the World Cup  is on and I'm getting to watch 3-4 quality matches every day. Pure heaven. Thoughts so far...

Why did Puma design skin tight tops? I mean whoa...muscle definition and more. These kits are a little too right for my taste. This isn't swimming. 

The Netherlands. Need I say more? What a demolishing and vicious performance against Spain. 

Controversial calls abound. Come on refs.     

So many exciting goals along with a decent amount of PKs and stoppage time goals. And it's only day 4 of competition. 

Robin van Persie may have had one of the most awesome diving headers I've seen to equalize against Spain. 

It will be interesting to see the US-Ghana match tomorrow night. It's pretty much do or die for the US. I don't think we advance out of group stage without a win. A draw still leaves hope, but not much.

My husband says this World Cup will be a success for the US if they score three goals, win or lose. I'm just hoping we take Ghana. 

Of course keeping Little Lady entertained while Mama watches soccer is quite a feat. Even more crazy is that by the next Workd Cup she could be playing youth soccer. Gulp. 

So the real question is...who do you got in the end? 

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