Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Don't eat it!" Dog Edition

Yesterday I posted about teaching Little Lady not to eat certain things. Today is my dog's turn.

I love my pup. She has been there by my side for so long, including pregnancy and {modified} bed rest. However, she and Little Lady are at about the same cognition level right now when it comes to putting things in their mouths.

Partners in crime. Today: the avocado pit. 

It hit the floor during lunch time and gulp. Down it went. Two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and two vomiting episodes later there still was no avocado pit. 

I had the hubby scour the house to make sure I wasn't going crazy and that the silly avocado pit wasn't hiding somewhere. Of course, it was no where to be found.

Off to vet where I had to answer that "no...I'm not 100% sure she ate it..."

25 minutes later I get a call. "We found the pit!" Luckily this was the vet calling to say they had been able to induce Penny to throw it up. Phew.

After the vet we headed to the pharmacy to pick up some meds for the Little Lady. Here is Penny eagerly hoping they give her a treat at the pharmacy drive thru. 

They had pity on her. They gave her 5 dog treats. I guess her day turned out okay. 

On the other hand, Little Lady had her 9 month appointment today. She is 29% in weight, 25% in length, and 80% in head circumference. Little Lady...big head.

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