Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bye Bye Fruit Couch

Meet the "Fruit Couch".

I spent a lot...and let me repeat...A LOT of time on this sofa when I was pregnant and on {modified} bed rest. Why? Because it's the most comfortable sofa in our house. When you are spending almost every hour of the day lying on your side it's important to be on the most comfortable sofa you got. 

In case you can't see from afar why we call it the "fruit couch" here is a close up.

Lovely ain't it? Ok well it might be more appropriate in someone else's house. Let's just say it's not my style and I've been scheming up solutions for a long time. 

Truthfully, the fruit couch is really "Penny's couch". 

The fabric is so old and thin that when she paws at it before curling up she has ripped holes in the cushions. We temporarily have repaired them with duct tape and fleece blankets. It's been like this for over a year.

Let's just say a change has been long over due.

After scouring Pinterest for inspiration I finally settled on recovering the sofa myself with canvas drop cloth.  I am LOVING the results. Check back soon to see the finished product. 

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