Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No tears here

Little Lady was successfully baptized on Sunday without any tears {so my prediction from the last post was wrong...but I'm not complaining}. 

She did, however, decide that the night before would be the first night since last December that she would wake up in the middle of the night. Wah! {this is mama crying over this ordeal}. Luckily her daddy is amazing and spent midnight till 2 AM putting his little girl back to bed. Then she decided to wake up at 5:30...blahhh. We were wiped. We are so lucky that this is not her norm but seriously we didn't know what to do. We're chalking it up to the fact that she had just cut through her first top tooth. Whatever it was, she has slept 12 hours the past 2 nights so we're back to our sleeping bliss. 

Even though she didn't cry during the baptism, she did almost have a breakdown right before. Luckily, another couple with a young son passed us rolled us a toy {a small, yellow, T-rex car} across the church aisle and this entertained the little gal. She even took it up with her to her baptism. This isn't exactly how I saw things going, but hey, it worked. 

At our church it is tradition that the father reads a blessing over his child and my hubby wrote the most touching, loving, beautiful one I've ever heard {okay...I am a little bias, but seriously he is extremely thoughtful and a writer so it was pretty amazing}. I probably should ask his permission before posting it publicly so check back for that. 

When the big moment came for me to hand her off to our pastor I really was a bit concerned. All went well though and instead of crying she got all excited because she saw a big bowl of water. She started kicking and smiling and it was so darn cute. 

It was a such a sweet family moment and we were thankful to have a lot of family in town to share it with us. 

Even though this photo is unrelated to the baptism, it is a sweet depiction of this little girl and her dad. Love it. 

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