Friday, September 26, 2014

First Steps

Our Little Lady took her first steps last weekend...7 in a row.

And the best part? 

We missed it.

Yup. We were at my mom's house and going to a wedding. I was upstairs curling my hair and the hubby was already at the wedding since he was a groomsman. 

From downstairs I heard my mom shouting, "1!!! 2!!! 3!!! She's doing it!!!"

It was a special moment for Grammy. 

Since then she has had little moments of a few steps here and there. At school on Wednesday she was apparently taking steps all over the place and even pivoting around in a circle on one foot. I think at home she is way too eager to get in our arms to take her time and actually step. She is one fast crawler.

The other funny thing she has been doing is scooting around the house in half kneel. I'm pretty sure walking would be faster than this mode of transportation but Little Lady hasn't figured this out yet.

Here's to the next stage of mommy-hood...more chasing! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Drop Cloth Sofa Recover Reveal

It's been a long week. The Little Lady has been soooo sick with a viral fever which fortunately has gone away. My hubby and I have been joking, "It's been the worst week of her life!" But has. Poor girl.

A while ago I hinted that I recovered our {very} old family sofa. Did I mention that I managed to do this for under $50? And without sewing anything? 

Here's the before and after:

I'm pretty sure you can guess which one is which. 

And here's a basic overview of how I did it. Please feel free to email me or ask questions in the comments if you need more details.

I've linked to the amazon products I've used {but none are affiliate links}
Basic Instructions:
Cut, tuck, staple, pin. 

1.   Wash and dry drop cloth with fabric softener. This will help get some of the "roughness" out. {Even after doing this I was a little nervous about the texture, however now that it's on the sofa I can't believe how soft it is.}

2.   Cut/rip large pieces of drop cloth to fit the the different sections of your sofa. I did the back section, front, and arms all separately. 

{Hint: drop cloth rips along a straight line! This is the most amazing fact EVER. I'm terrible at straight lines and measuring when it comes to large pieces of fabric. Just snip where you want to cut and rip the rest of the way.}

Here's a picture without the cushions on:

3.   Place fabric and take the staple gun to adhere the cloth to the wooden frame underneath. Tuck parts of the fabric that you cannot staple down {for example between the back of the sofa and the arm cushions}.

Here's a close-up of the tucked portion between the backrest and armrest: 

4.   Cover the arms and use upholstery pins to secure under the curved arms. {Blue arrows indicated upholstery pins.} 

You can see around the arms I folded the fabric to hide the raw edges. 

5.   Here's where I got L-A-Z-Y. I had every intention of sewing the cushion covers. Didn't happen. I wrapped them like a present and used safety pins like tape. Voila. Quick. Easy. Done. 

I really think this has a more polished look than a lot of the slipcovers out there. I love that the fabric stays in place because it is pinned and stapled. 

So...what do you think? I think it was totally worth it. 

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