Friday, September 26, 2014

First Steps

Our Little Lady took her first steps last weekend...7 in a row.

And the best part? 

We missed it.

Yup. We were at my mom's house and going to a wedding. I was upstairs curling my hair and the hubby was already at the wedding since he was a groomsman. 

From downstairs I heard my mom shouting, "1!!! 2!!! 3!!! She's doing it!!!"

It was a special moment for Grammy. 

Since then she has had little moments of a few steps here and there. At school on Wednesday she was apparently taking steps all over the place and even pivoting around in a circle on one foot. I think at home she is way too eager to get in our arms to take her time and actually step. She is one fast crawler.

The other funny thing she has been doing is scooting around the house in half kneel. I'm pretty sure walking would be faster than this mode of transportation but Little Lady hasn't figured this out yet.

Here's to the next stage of mommy-hood...more chasing! 

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