Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of Toys: Infant Stim Mobile

This post may look familiar. For that, I am sorry. I have to start this "31 days of developmental toys"  talking about one of my favorite infant toys. Meet the "Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy". Does it have a long enough name for you?  

Why do I like it so much? 

Babies LOVE looking at it. 
{It provides infants with visual stimulation. Read more about visual stimulation here.} 

It travels easily.
{The clamp at the top is really great and the toy's overall profile is pretty small}.

It was "used" by Little Lady from 0-5 months which I consider a pretty long lifespan for an infant toy. 

We used this on our infant car seat, on the pack 'n play arch, on her play mat arch, pretty much anywhere we could hang it to give her something to look at.

Recommended for young infants, 0-5 months. 

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