Thursday, October 9, 2014

31 Days of Toys: The Kitchen

No, I don't mean a play kitchen. Those are great too, however I am referring to items that can be safely played with that are from your own kitchen.

At this early toddler stage the kitchen items rank really high on Little Lady's favorites. 

We have dedicated a low drawer for items that she is allowed to pull out and throw about the kitchen. In here you can find plastic Tupperware, spoons, some of her own personal plates and silverware, and bowls. She loves to head to the drawer, pull it open, and start digging around. I love it when she pulls out a bowl and spoon and starts imitating mommy's stirring. 

Sometimes the things you have around the house are better than the toys bought at the store! Of course, be sure everything is child-safe before you give it to your small kids.

Open ended toys are the best at providing the opportunity for creative play!

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