Saturday, October 18, 2014

31 Days of Toys: Non-Toy Gifts

The past few years our little family {which was then just the hubby and me} have been shifting towards gifting "experiences" rather than gifts. Don't get me wrong...we still gifts sometimes, but really the transition has been a lot of fun. We really don't feel like we need any more stuff anyway. For example, last Christmas he gifted me a night away in the mountains. It was a blast! {Side note: we found out I was pregnant the day after we got back. So in a sense it was an early babymoon since we didn't get one while I was on {modified} bedrest.}  

The other day I ran across a blog post titled "18 Non-Gift Toys for Children". I loved this idea. Instead of sharing a new toy today I'm going to link up to this post from Nourishing Minimalism today. 

My favorites on this list? Classes {maybe because I asked my Dad to get Little Lady gymnastics classes for her birthday...she is a monkey and I've got to find an outlet for her climbing and rolling/tumbling} and crafting dates. 

If you need some extra food for thought on why "less may be best" check out Becoming Minimalist's post on "Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Kids"

Check out the other toys featured on my series "31 Days of Developmental Toys"

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