Sunday, October 5, 2014

31 Days of Toys: Tolo Toys Shape Sorter

I love multi-purpose toys and this shape sorter can be used for multiple ages. 

How can you use this toy?

The individual shapes are rattles and make a soft shaking noise. They are a perfect size for baby hands.

You can have your older baby/toddler use it for its actual purpose {shape sorting}.

Or you can roll it back and forth with a toddler.

You can also practice shapes and colors with your older toddler. 

So here you have 6 rattles, 1 shape sorter, 1 rolling toy, and can practice shapes and colors...all in one. 

Little Lady loves the red circle the best. She will put the red circle in over and over and over...

The manufacturer recommends for 12+ months, however I found my daughter showed a strong interest in shaking the shape pieces from 6 months on, even though she couldn't do the shape sorting at that time.

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