Wednesday, October 8, 2014

31 Days of Toys: Turn Your Pack N Play into a Play Space

Maybe I should have called this series "31 Days of Play"? Maybe next year...

We love our pack n play. We have the most basic model and pretty much every day as a play space until Little Lady outgrew the elevated mattress. Instead of talking about a specific toy today I'm going to discuss turning your pack n play into a play space.

The first few weeks our pack n play made the most awesome changing table in our room...but then I moved it downstairs to a common area to be Little Lady's infant play space. 

We have a dog. She's super sweet and LOVES the baby but she also loved the baby so much she wanted to be up in her business every 5 seconds. Before Little Lady was sitting up, the pack n play elevated bassinet was a perfect solution to her a play space of her own without the pup trying to lick her and steal all her toys.

I really felt it was important for Little Lady to have a space to call her own for floor time where she can safely play and explore. Plus, interacting with her during supervised tummy time is so much easier when she's elevated in the bassinet. I can get face to face with her without having to do my own tummy time.

Here was our set-up:


Tips for setting up your own pack n play infant play space:

1. Choose a variety of toys including different textures, sounds, shapes, and sizes. I would love to replace some of our plastic toys with more natural materials, however right now this is what we have. Most of these toys I selected for their high-contrast visual appeal. Check out my post on infant visual stimulation for more information on high-contrast toys. 

Rattle from the Hohner 4 Piece Baby Band 
Carters Rattle Lovey

2. Add mirrors. There is a small mirror on the far left of the above picture which she loves to turn to her side to look at. Babies LOVE faces, even in the baby stage. 

3. Rotate toys to stimulate your baby's interest. I used to keep a basket of toys next to the pack n play and like to frequently change out what's hanging from the toy bar. One of Little Lady's favorites was Lamaze Play and Grow Take Along Toy, Firefly.

4. Encourage both baby-led play and interactive play. While it is very important to be frequently talking to your baby and interacting with them, it is also beneficial for them to explore their environment for themselves. Be sure to mix it up and allow them time to explore without as much intervention from you. 

Pack n plays are extremely versatile and wonderful for play at this young age when they can be in the bassinet portion {till they're 15 lbs}. At this point we moved her to a more traditional play pen to give her a "big girl" space. 

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