Friday, October 31, 2014

A new perspective on Halloween

Being an October baby myself I grew up celebrating Halloween with an intense enthusiasm. All of my parties were Halloween themed. By middle school I was taking a huge group of friends an hour away to adventure through a haunted house/corn maze etc. This is in stark contrast to my husband who dressed up in costumes to attend "Reformation Day" at church. 

Now that we have an October baby ourselves, I tried to tone it down a little, but I couldn't resist sticking with a Halloween theme. {Check out photos here!}

No matter how you celebrate {or don't}, I think Halloween can still serve a greater purpose. One of the best blog posts I've ever read about how Christians can still serve their community on Halloween can be found here.

To sum up Troubleface Mom's post...

"Turn your light on. Lots of lights. A city on a hill cannot be hidden right? Be a city on a hill. Halloween may not be “redeemed” but you are. So open your door and smile."

I'll still be out ringing on a few doors trick-or-treating {with my daughter of course...I'm not dressing up}. But for all of you who are thinking about turning off the lights and pretending to not be home? Maybe check out this post first. 

And Happy Halloween!

{Here's a sneak peak of Little Lady's costume}

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