Saturday, October 25, 2014

Daycare Stories

I love getting reports about the crazy things Little Lady is up to at daycare {while I'm working hard saving people's lives...kinda...ok more like saving their mobility}. Recently she moved up to the TODDLER classroom! When did she get so old?! {Ok...we did have a birthday party for her last week so I guess this is an appropriate life change.} 

In the toddler classroom she SLEEPS ON A COT {seriously they are miracle workers} and eats at a real table. 

Last week the story went like this:

"Do you know what your daughter did at lunch? She climbed up on the table, sat down in the middle, and starting spinning in circles picking food off every other kid's plate."

Then they continued...

"She's also quite an acrobat. She also was standing up in her chair and shaking around."

By shaking they essentially mean "twerking". Or booty shaking. 

Yup. That's my girl. Quite an eater. Not quite a dancer. 

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