Monday, October 27, 2014

Drop Cloth Sofa Recover: Part 2

I went to visit my bro and his fiancee this month and in their guest room I was surprised to find...

My {future} sister-in-law was inspired by my post on recovering sofas with drop cloths and did it herself! I love love love her finished product! {Also note the awesome artwork minis and colorful frames in the background. So cool.}


This guest room doubles as her study room and she's been working on putting "pops of color" into the space. This weekend she started working on adding a washi tape  design to the far wall {not pictured...yet}. I will get a picture for y'all of the finished room. It's going to be awesome!

I'm loving how she did the arms of this sofa. It's a cleaner look than mine.

Seriously...this girl has more crafting/DIY talent than she gives herself credit for. 

Be sure to check out the original tutorial "DIY Drop Cloth Sofa Recover" {for under $50}
Also check out "Part 3" with pictures from another sofa recover using my tutorial

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