Monday, October 20, 2014

She had a birthday!

We celebrated Little Lady's first birthday yesterday. Here's a little recap:

Prosciutto and melon balls
Candy corn
Fruit trifle bowl
Pineapple, mandarin oranges, with whipped cream top {looked like candy corn shots}
Celery and carrots with ranch dressing
Pumpkin cheese ball
Pretzel dip
Rosemary biscuits
Pumpkin roll cake {the biggest hit}
Red velvet cupcakes

And I must give credit to my step-mother who flew in from out-of-state to cook half of the food and mailed a bunch of decorations. My mother-in-law also provided decorations. Without these ladies this party wouldn't have been half as nice. 

And party favors for the kiddos that I made: 

Our little girl is such a joy right now. Walking EVERYWHERE, getting into EVERYTHING. Life with a toddler sure is interesting. 

We love you, Little Lady! Happy First Birthday! 

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