Friday, November 28, 2014

{Almost} 13 month old memories

Almost 13 months. I feel like I wrote her birthday post yesterday, but I guess it's actually been over a month. Yikes.

Here are some memories that I want to treasure from right now:

She loves being outside! The Little Lady will reply "YEAH!" if you ask her if she wants to "go out". 

At night she becomes a "roly poly" and tends to run and throw herself into the dog beds around the house and rolls all over the ground, or bed, or even better over the dog. For some reason she does this act mostly at nighttime as opposed to during the day. 

Words: dada, mama, dog, cat, out, yeah, that, ree {as in read}, ma {as in more}, shoe, sock, and she just recently learned bee. She is also trying to repeat words we say such as thank you, jacket, blue bear, and saying "no! no!" to the dog. 

It's also crazy to me how much more she understands what I'm saying. She always surprises me by doing things I ask when I'm not expecting it. 

She babbles all sorts of other noises, "reads" her books {sometimes talented...hah!}, and will make the cutest face and go "OHHHHHHH" and point her finger if she sees something really exciting to her like a balloon or a an outdoor fountain. 

This girl LOVES SHOES. She is always bringing them to me to put on. She is very interested in trying to put her foot in the shoe but cannot figure out how to do it. She does now know how to undo and re-do the velcro and take them off. Little Lady will also sort through her bin of shoes and find matching pairs. I mean cute. 

On the same note she is very interested in helping with dressing and pulling her arms and legs out of her tops and pants. Or finding her jacket and bringing it to us to put on. 

She is really into throwing things away, especially diapers, and enjoys picking up trash on the floor and handing it to me. 

A new favorite is being upside-down or spinning around in any form or fashion.

She loves to be chased and giggles so loudly if you run after her going, "I'm going to get you!"

In the car on the way to school she will play a game saying "da da" and my husband replies with her name. They go back and forth saying each other's names the whole ride. 

She carries around her blue bear {stuffed animal} and one of her aden & anais blankets with her. They are her favorite lovies. 

It amazes me how much she wants to do whatever her mama {or dada} is doing. Whether that's eating with utensil, writing with a pen and paper, drinking coffee {I really cannot eat or drink at all around her without her wanting some}, cooking, typing on the computer. 

I really don't know why anyone has toys at this time in toddlerhood. Let's be honest, all she wants to do is pull everything out of every cabinet and figure out what else she can do with it. Right now anything from the kitchen, as well as paper products, are a favorite. I've tried to move everything not appropriate out of reach so I can just let her explore.

I taught her to say "ahhhh" into a cardboard tube, kind of like playing a trumpet. She will have me make a noise, then do it herself, and we'll go back and forth at it for a while. Seriously the most simple things can be the most amusing. 

This is seriously a fun {and crazy} time. 

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