Friday, January 30, 2015

Yes/No toddler convos

A convo with my toddler from Wednesday...

Me: "Did you miss mommy today?" {she was at school}

Little Lady: "...{thinks a second}...NO!" with a too-cute-for-words head shake. 

Me: "Well, would you like something to eat?"

Little Lady: "YESSSS!" {nods head vigorously and runs for the kitchen}

Note to this mama - be careful with your yes/no questions. You might get your feelings hurt. Or just love the fact she loves her school so much. Thankful for amazing caregivers! And proud of this girl's growing independence.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Christmas with a 14 months old

I know it's been a month since Christmas but I'm finally getting time to reflect back on the sweet memories with my 14 month old. Here are a few highlights from the Christmas season of 2014:

*Starting saying "Mommy" and "Daddy" {instead of ma-ma and da-da}

*Sat through the entire Nutcracker Ballet, until the last 5-10 mins when balloons appeared on stage and she got so excited...then mad that I wouldn't let her go see them.

*Her excitement over tissue and wrapping paper is definitely greater than her interest in presents. She did still really enjoy presents though, especially her mini foldable camping chair, duplos, cutting fruit, lady bug backpack, blocks, crayons and coloring books, and kinetic sand with a water/sand table. We were so blessed by all of the gifts she received from others! 

*How the "adult kids" {aka me, my brother, and his fiancee} decided to put together the sand/water table and bust out the kinetic sand after Little Lady went to bed. It was very therapeutic. I highly recommend it. 

*Little Lady LOVED the lights no matter where they were - the tree or on the neighbor's house or something she spotted from her rear-facing position in the car. The best part is she would exclaim, "WOOWWWW!"

*The live nativity we visited was also a hit. She tried to climb the barrier to go pet the mini donkey and wasn't happy that we had to stop her. 

On another note, it's almost February and I haven't downloaded the picts from Christmas off our nice camera. One day...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Drop Cloth Sofa Recover Part 3

Long blog. That's just how things have been around here. But that's okay. This is a place for me to enjoy, not be stressed about. 

So here's another sofa recover inspiration. One of my friends used my DIY Drop Cloth Sofa Recover Tutorial {for under $50, WITHOUT sewing} and here is the result. The before and after are amazing!

She's getting her house ready to put on the market and working on staging her home. Her current tenant had large sofas taking over the space {and covering up a beautiful fireplace!?!}

She had her tenants remove some his sofas and moved a smaller, red, floral, old sofa into the space, and decided to recover it to save $$$. 

Here is the sofa before {slightly deconstructed already}

And here is the AFTER:

What an amazing transformation! Be sure to check out my original DIY Drop Cloth Sofa Recover Tutorial as well as the images from my sister-in-law's sofa recover