Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Little Lady: 18 months

Whoa. When did I get a 1.5 year old?

This has been a really fun and sweet time for our family. Here are a few memories from the past month:

She has nicknamed her lovies "bobby" {blankets} and "bo bo" {bears}.

She is still small enough to wear 12 month pants and tops. 

She is kind-of potty training. Aka she tells us right before she's going potty but seems to have anxiety about actually going in the potty. She loves sitting on the potty as long as she doesn't need to go. 

Loves trying to dress herself. One night we let her put on a second pair of pants {with help} and then forgot to take them off before bedtime. Ironically that was one of the hottest nights we had so far. Whoops. Hope she wasn't too warm.

Constantly talks naming Mommy and Daddy's posessions saying "Mommy's car, Mommy's coffee" and "Daddy's shoes, Daddy's shirt".

Saying 3-4 word sentences. For example, at daycare she was on the playground and saw the food cart heading towards her classroom. Her teachers say she yelled, "FOOD IS COMING!!!" and starting bee-lining for the class.

{cooking with our neighbor}

Counting 2-6. Forgot 1. It's not important. 

Could "dunk" on our 8-foot basketball goal with her Daddy all day. Or just being outside in general all day. 

Apparently music class has had it's impact. Little Lady loves her CD from class {and only that CD...NeedToBreathe and Mumford and Sons just don't cut it}. As soon as we get in the car she yells, "NEXT!" {requesting the next song}

A new pastime is dancing {in circles} to twinkle twinkle little star, over and over, until she gets dizzy and "crashes" safely into the ground or into Mommy.

At night she now typically reads to herself for an extended time before rolling over and going to bed. I love to watch this on the monitor. 

This girl could clean ALL THE TIME. She loves cleaning supplies, rags, mops, and the spray bottles. Luckily, since I use mostly homemade cleaning supplies, I can let her carry around these objects without too much concern. One night we could not find the natural all-purpose cleaner. Two days later we find it, along with a microfiber cloth, in her toy pile. Oops.

{unloading the dishwasher and apparently setting the table}

Speaking of cleaning, when she was at her grandparents house recently her Pop was sweeping and she ran to grab the dustpan from the closet. No one had any idea how she knew exactly where the dustpan was kept. I guess they taught her at daycare that you need a dust pan when sweeping? We just vacuum at our house.

Her favorite thing in the world right now: Bubbles. Especially with her Pop. 

She is trying to "walk Penny" {the dog}. Grabs her collar and pulls. We're slowly teaching Penny what this means and how to be gentle. It's never been Penny's strong suit.

Melts my heart every time I hand her something and she replies, "Thank you, Mommy."

Whether outside or inside, she loves to run and play chase.

She's growing up.

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