Thursday, July 30, 2015

Little Lady: 21 months old

Memories from 21 months:

Wiping, creaming, and diapering baby dolls.

The concept of "other".
Sleeping with 5+ stuffed animals, 2-3 blankets, and 5+ books each and every night.
Counting to 10.
Hearing "mommy! mommy! mommy!" in the morning. Of course when I go in the room she just says "hi mommy!"
Cotton ball explosion.

When asking her if she wants to get in the pool float she responds, "no that's for baby".
Super hero week at school, she was the "super helper".

Continues to refer to herself by the nickname she chose, even though she could say her name.
Long enough hair to pull back in pig tails and pony tails.
1-2-3 JUMP!
Sorting and organizing tissue paper.
Playing kitchen.
Loving spending time with any of her grandparents and cousins.


Running through sprinklers.
"Penny coming?"

Pushing the baby stroller.
Pushing her full-sized stroller.
Nicknaming her new baby cousin.
Going through videos and photos on mommy's iPhone.
Shopping with mommy.


Chasing butterflies with her cousin.

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