Monday, September 7, 2015

Follow-up to Selecting a Baby Bottle

Looking back through some old posts I discovered that I never wrote a follow up to the popular "Selecting a Baby Bottle" post. Oops!

So, without further ado {and no drumroll necessary} the winner was...Dr. Brown's Standard bottles for our Little Lady.

The competition was between the Dr. Brown's, Joovy Boob, and Tommee Tippee. Confession: I never ended up trying the Tommee Tippee.

So here's the roundup between the Dr. Brown's and Joovy. I really really really wanted to make the Joovy Boob bottle work. It was easy to clean, fill, and assemble. The only problem was my daughter was able to drink from the newborn nipple in a record 5 minute timespan. Since I was breastfeeding, whenever I was with my Little Lady, I wanted a bottle with a slower flow nipple. Ultimately, that ended up being the Dr. Brown's.

My only hesitation with the Dr. Brown's was that these bottles are insane-o to clean. SO-MANY-PARTS. It will take a few tries teaching the grandmothers how to assemble these bottle and how they need to be cleaned. Despite this flaw, they are still a super choice for slow flow feeding to simulate breastfeeding.

Ultimately, your baby may decide which bottle he or she prefers. And everyone's situation is different. This information is to help give you a starting place for trying out baby bottles. Good luck! {If all else fails, get your lovely neighbor who works for a daycare to come over and teach your baby how to take a bottle the week before she starts daycare....did I do that? YES!}

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