We are two mamas with doctoral degrees in medicine. Here we talk about our journey of trying to live a simple life as mamas and healthcare professionals. One thing we know for sure: as a mama you are always on call.

Formerly referred to as “Sofa Mama” on this blog, Mama PT is a doctor of physical therapy who experienced a complicated pregnancy and postpartum experience with her daughter, "Little Lady”, in 2013. She started this blog when she unexpectedly found herself with volumes extra time when she was placed on bed rest 23 weeks into pregnancy. Before having her daughter, her identity revolved around athletics, DIY projects, and being a physical therapist. Since becoming a mother and experiencing a quarter-life crisis, she has added the titles of entrepreneur, blogger, and (of course) mama. She loves sharing her thoughts on simplifying life, homemaking, and medicine.

While Mama PT is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Mama MD is the doctor that you want to call if there is a medical emergency. She will have survived getting engaged, getting married, having a baby, and graduating medical school with honors all in a span of 2.5 years. While she may sound like super mama, she yearns to share her thoughts and struggles with daily life with others. During her (limited) free time, she enjoys doing DIY projects to decorate her home, having Blue Apron cooking dates with her husband, and trying to find safe beauty and home products for mamas. Along with her husband and daughter “Roo” she is hoping to live a life of simplicity and intention.

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