Bed Rest & Pregnancy

The first 21 weeks of my pregnancy with Little Lady was great. I rarely felt nauseous, never threw up, and pretty much felt amazing {yes, yes, very lucky...I had it difficult in other on}.

At 21 weeks I had a long week of work {on my feet as a Physical  Therapist for 35+ hours} before hopping on a plane to visit my Dad. We strolled around DC, walked 6+ miles, and had a great time until I started having sharp pain with every single step. 

After several OBGYN appointments, my midwife placed me on {modified} bed rest. My pain was likely related to changes in my body that should not have happened until I was months farther along. 

All of a sudden my daily routine changed. At first I was only allowed to be vertical (including sitting up!) for 10-15 minutes at a time. Working was no longer allowed. I was confined to the sofa. 

To put it simply, it was a scary time. I remember crying excessive the first few weeks, worry about whether I would ever meet my little girl, and being so desperate for the Lord's comfort. 

In the midst of all this, I started this blog and wrote weekly updates on my pregnancy. 

Eventually my restrictions were lightened and I was allowed to be up for 30 mins - 1 hour. By the end of my {modified} bed rest I was permitted to be up for 2-3 hour spurts. 

I wrote about a 3 part series about "Tips for Surviving {modified} Bed Rest":

I also discussed various topics including preparing the dog for babynesting on bed rest, as well as traveling, and some unfortunate realities of being confined to lying on your side

And then, at just a few hours shy of 39 weeks, she was here! {labor summary}

Looking back, I can also say it was a sweet time of growth, reliance on the Lord, and learning to slow my life down {something I still struggle with every single day}. 

While that may seem like the end of my story truly it is just the beginning. I'm now experiencing the ups and downs of mothering this beautiful young girl {and dog} with my husband. Our journey has really just begun. 

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